To all the families who spend a few days in Bormio we recommend a visit to the Bormio Terme: a new complex, very near the town center, which offers three distinct wellness sectors that are truly perfect for everyone.


The thermal water come from the Cinglaccia spring, where it emerges at a naturally warm temperature between 37° and 40°, and is the protagonist of this area.

The area is equipped with:
•    Lap swimming pool for adults
•    Pools with games for children, both inside and outside
•    Slide 60 meters long
•    Covered outdoor spa
•    Solarium and outdoor park
•    Four seasons swimming pool
•    Relaxation area, Turkish bath, Finnish sauna
•    Thermarium, accessible by those 16 years and older
•    Herbal tea and yogurt shop for a tasty snack


The beauty center offers treatments to meet everyone’s needs, from body treatments to facials, plus manicures, pedicures, hair removal with wax, and pre-shavehoney treatments.


Today the thermal waters are especially associated with being pampered and well-being, but at the outset they were used primarily for their therapeutic powers. That is why since 1920 Bormio Terme has been a center specializing in thermal treatments.

To take advantage of the spa water’s sulfate, alkaline, bicarbonate, and earthy qualities there are several therapeutic treatments in affiliation with the National Health System (for an additional fee).

The thermal water that naturally flows at a temperature between 37° and 40° is used in Bormio Terme for:

•    Inhalation Treatments
•    Balneotherapy
•    Mud and Balneotherapy
•    Physiotherapy and rehabilitation in thermal water
•    Vascular treatment

Remember that except for the Inhalation treatment, all others should be booked in advance.

What are you waiting for? Ask us for a package personalized to your needs: the Hotel Meublè Sertorelli Reit is a service partner with Bormio Terme.