If during your holiday you would like to take a plunge into the past… then a visit to the Bagni Vecchi (Old Baths) of Bormio is obligatory.

Dating back more than two thousand years, the Bagni Vecchi elicits a unique and timeless excitement through your immersion into the history and discovery of wellness throughout the ages.

From the Roman Baths to the secular caves, passing by the thousand year old springs to the panoramic outdoor pool, with excellent views of Bormio…you’ll find this and much more at QC Terme Bormio Bagni Vecchi.

Six sectors with different thermal courses await you:

•    An outdoor hot tub with a panoramic view of Bormio: a unique experience both in summer and winter;
•    Baths of the Archduchess, a course for regenerating the skin, the spirit, and the mind;
•    Roman Baths, a trip without time in an ancient grotto;
•    Steam grotto, a course for detoxification, a natural Turkish bath that extends along two galleries more than 50 meters long;
•    Medieval Saunas, thanks to the beneficial effects of the saunas, a detoxifying course in a suggestive, ancient architectural context;
•    Imperial baths, luminous and invigorating waters for the recovery of complete wellness in both body and spirit.

Want to dive into history for a day? Ask us for a custom package including Bormio’s Bagni Vecchi.