The Bagni Nuovi (new baths) of Bormio are a reality made of aromas, light colors, pictures, and all completely natural.

Four sectors with different thermal courses immerse you in a magical atmosphere, both indoors and outdoors in the spacious park surrounding the structure.

Thirty different spa treatments, including seven outdoor tubs and swimming pools — all usable twelve months of the year — will help make your experience unforgettable.

Here are the four stages of your route through Bormio’s Bagni Vecchi spa:
•    Gardens of Venus, the largest outdoor park of the Alps;
•    Grotto of Neptune, a detoxifying path,  a long tunnel to abandon any worries;
•    Baths of Jupiter, where first thermal establishment was located in the 1800’s;
•    Baths of Hercules, a relaxing indoor path that promote the aggregation and organization of thermal events.

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