• Open/Closed Alpine Passes

    Are you organizing your holiday in Bormio? Keep monitored the situation of the Alpine passes, especially during end of summer/autumn, when the situation is subject to change day by day.

    The closure of the most important passes, such as Stelvio, Mortirolo and Gavia, is planned around end of October/begin of November, but due to snowfall or bad weather the Passes can be temporarely closed.


    Update to September 30th, 2020


    Stelvio: OPEN (closed during winter season)

    Gavia: CLOSED till spring 2021 (closed during winter season) – transit prohibited to vehicles exceeding 2.80 m of height and 3.5 tons of weight

    Umbrail/S. Maria: OPEN  – transit prohibited to vehicles exceeding 18 tons of weight, 2.50 m of width and 10m of lenght
    – Mortirolo: OPEN (closed during winter season)
    – Forcola: OPENntransit prohibited to vehicles exceeding 18 tons of weight
    – Aprica: OPEN all year round
    Bernina: OPEN all year round
    Foscagno: OPEN all year round
    Maloja: OPEN all year round

    Spluga: OPEN (closed during winter season)

     – Crossing of the Gallen/Tunnel Munt La Schera: CLOSED TILL 30 NOVEMBER DUE TO MANTEINANCE WORKS


    Do you wanna check the situation in real time and find all the useful numbers for more information? Visit the page dedicated to the status of mountain passes Bormio on the website of the Proloco.