• The Cancano Lakes

    The colors of Autumn in Alta Valtellina


    The artificial lakes of Cancano, created in the last century, have led to the creation of a unique environment, which becomes even more picturesque during the autumn when the larches are colored with yellow-orange nuances.

    In the center of the Stelvio National Park, surrounded by a natural setting, the lakes of Cancano are ideal for walking, trekking and mountain biking in Alta Valtellina.

    The area is easily reachable by car, and from the parking you can start the beautiful (easy) walk which in approx. 3 hours for a total of 20km leads you to make the complete tour of the two lakes, you can still take part of the route by car and continue on foot later.

    During the autumn months the turquoise lakes combined with the orange/yellow colours of the surrounding nature creates a truly evocative environment which is easy to fall in love with, so here a walk can become a romantic moment to share with your own half.

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